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It’s time to spend your time actually shooting rather than fumbling with CO2 cartridges. The 400e is the first and only production full auto .177 BB gun powered completely by electricity. One battery charge gets you over 1000 shots. Featuring patent pending technology, the 400e can maintain velocities ranging between 380 and 410 fps. The consistent velocity and engineering of the rifle allow for high levels of accuracy for a BB gun. With rates of fire between 500-600 RPM (depending on battery C rating), it’s fast enough to be fun, but slow enough to engage all your targets before needing to reload. With the included 50 round magazine, this gets you over 5 seconds on full-auto before needing a mag change. That’s over 4x longer shooting than comparable fully automatic CO2 rifles

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Product Description:

Weight : 3250g
Length : 758/840mm
InnerBarrel : 300mm
Power : 11.1V Li-Battery(1800 mAh)
Magazine : 50R Metal Magazine



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